Our business analysts and consultants possess many years of experience of Software Development and having domain in ERP, Healthcare, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, e-Governance etc. We have also expert team in Server management, security solution, firewall, Linux and RDBMS sizing & clustering. Our team are all technically knowledgeable and have first-hand experience of handling, developing, managing and delivering complex and large scale projects themselves.

All are the product of many years of training to our own exacting standards and have previously worked on a wide range of diverse projects to obtain the experience necessary to perform a consulting or business analyst role.

We specialise in IT consultancy, as opposed to general software consultancy, because this is where we feel we can provide the most value to our clients. In particular, we focus on helping our customers by:

           Advising on project scope, to understand where technology can provide value for money in meeting business requirements

           Producing specifications and designs to translate those business requirements into well-defined, concrete proposals that can be implemented by a subsequent software development project

Our IT consulting solution also specializes in a wide range of information technology solutions for your company, including network management, system assessment, project management, network design, integration and security, application development, risk assessment, contingency planning, compliance consulting, data warehousing, Server management and many other information technology services and IT operations.

The best priority for nearly each business proprietor lies in encouraging the maximum deployment of up-to-date technologies in the company so as to reduce operational cost and increase overall productivity. Nowadays there are multitude of rapid innovations are found in software platforms and in technologies. There are latest releases in the market just from Oracle or Microsoft technologies and to open source technologies now and then.

To adjust to these often changing trends in Information Technology gets a challenge from majority of companies. Starting IT project without respective technical knowhow may lead to unexpected outcomes, expand the risks and overdone efforts. Therefore to assign IT consulting services are of much help and importance.